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Vyne Theatre Covid Guidelines for Performing Artists

Posted on 12th Oct, 2121 in Uncategorised

The Vyne Theatre, Berkhamsted Arts Centre, operates under Government COVID-19 safety guidelines.


All staff working at the Vyne Theatre are required to be fully vaccinated and to take a Lateral Flow Test on the day of a public performance.


The wearing of masks is encouraged throughout the building when moving through corridors and public areas.


A hygiene station at the front entrance provides hand gel and antiseptic wipes for all visitors.

Further sanitising points are positioned in all studios and at entry points to the Theatre.


Protocol for Artists


Performing artists will be allocated private dance studios on the first floor, for their warm-up area.  


All Studios are equipped with air filtering systems, allocated private toilets, and TV Stage monitors.


All performers will be offered refreshments in their rest area.


Access to the stage is via the backstage corridor which is a prohibited area.  Artists have use of a private changing room which is immediately adjacent to the wings, to avoid any contact with public or staff.


Technicians are located  in the lighting and sound boxes on the balcony, and Theatre Staff are stationed at the public entrance to the Stalls to avoid mixing with the artists.


Arrival and leaving times will be carefully coordinated to ensure that all artists are given privacy and security at all times. 


The Public


The Bar area will be open as usual, however, audiences are asked to minimise the number of people waiting for service.


The Theatre Toilets are situated in the foyer behind the Stalls with disabled facilities in the corridor adjacent to the bar.


All Tickets are issued through our online Box Office and sent by email to visitors prior to the performance. 


Seats are clearly numbered and follow a full capacity seating plan in the tiered stalls.  


The Balcony area offers “bubble” seating for those wishing to maintain social distancing.


The Vyne Theatre team are easily identifiable via their uniform, and will be happy to assist both public and artists at any time.


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